Living the Ujana Life

Think. Speak. Act. Engage. Choose. Exchange. Breathe.

Wellbeing is not one of these things, it is all. Ujana wellbeing is a system of wholeness defined by how alive, fulfilled, free and happy someone is in their life. It is alive in that it is interactive, integrated and always changing with all aspects of life as a whole, not parts that make up a whole. By living the Ujana system, you become self-aware, empowered and responsible to live life to the fullest expression of authenticity, optimal wellbeing and a purposeful fulfillment. 


Bold Authenticity 

Face it, you are a living work of art! Owning your own kind of awesome takes awareness, courage, and one heck of a bold attitude. 

Is your life completely true to you? Does it make you feel happy, whole and free? What are you waiting for?

Choice is a powerful tool. The world is complicated and confusing to say the least, but that means you have a plethora of options to choose from and adventures to have in order to find what makes you feel most alive. So let's the path to living loud. 


Optimal Wellbeing

There is no stasis in the body. You are either moving towards wellness or away from it with every thought you think, word you speak, choice you make. This also means your wellbeing is either helping you achieve your goals and dreams or adding to the challenge.

How you feel in your body makes a huge impact on how you show up and how you are received by other. I call it your Silent Statement! Learning how to feel your best as often as possible is the secret of becoming your own superhero.

How are your energy levels? Does your body hold you back? Do you understand how to feel, look and live your best (health/wellness) life?


Purposeful Fulfillment

At the end of your life will you look back and say, "I gave it everything I had and I loved it?" Is there anything about your current situation that you're bored of, frustrated by or just over?

Fulfillment comes from the inside. It is more than money or a great figure; it is heart filled happiness. Fulfillment requires challenge, purpose and growth, which is not possible if you let your fear or plain comfort dictate your life. 

Do you know what brings you joy? Do you seek the uncomfortable? Is there enough challenge and contribution in your life that you feel fulfilled or do you want more?