Jessie Ruof

Mind Medicine = Body Medicine

Jessie Ruof
Mind Medicine = Body Medicine

Is your mind making you sick?

Our body hears, sees and feels everything we think, say and do.  Scary, huh?????

Are you creating and focusing on mindful thoughts or mind-full thoughts? 

Some days it is challenging to slow down enough to know which thought is your truth or just the chaotic chatter of a stressful day or week. Our unconscious belief systems put us into a life-system that is either tracking us towards wellness or away from it. We often don't realize this because we are moving so fast, trying to get so much done, taking care of other people, climbing that corporate ladder, dealing with obstacles and on and on it goes.

Your body feels this immense pressure and speed to keep going, stay strong and to push through because your mind is driving it to do so. Remember, the body is inherently easy to mold; it is the MIND that is the challenge. 

One of the most impactful choices one can make is to practice getting quiet with ourselves. This will help to bring you into connection with what is real and true in the moment. When was the last time you mindfully stopped and gave yourself just 5 minutes of silence? Could you even sit still for that long?

Our brain is still programmed after thousands of years to "fight or flight" or "rest and recover."  This simple dual system of action and reaction based on triggers, stress or stimulus to the world around you. In comparison to thousands of years ago, this design saved our lives because it triggered us to run like hell when something was actually chasing us as prey. In modern times, say today, we have become prey of our own predator thinking.

If you are frustrated with your weight, your energy levels, your sleep, your skin or anything else in your body than may I suggest your ponder how your mind is influencing the situation. Step back and observe your thinking mind. Remember, you are NOT your mind so observe without attachment.  Try this exercise in order to witness your true mind:

Step 1. Get out a notebook and draw a line down the middle. Write "Medicine" on the left side and "Predator" on the right side.

Step 2. Create a quiet space to listen to yourself. Start with 5 deep breaths in and our of the nose. 

Step 3. Start writing down any thoughts that are "medicine," meaning that they are healing, supportive, and life giving to your optimal wellness and wellbeing.

Step 4. Clear the space once again. Take 5 more deep breaths in and out of the nose.

Step 5. Start writing down any thoughts that are "predator," meaning that they are against you in any way at all.

You may stop here and just let this sit for a day or two before moving on, or if you want a master level process than your final step is this.

Step 6. On a new sheet of paper, turn every "predator" thought into "medicine." Think and speak this new medicine into your body! Read it out loud everyday upon waking and before bed. Look you've just created your own energetic homeopathic! WOWSERS!!!

This is simple, but incredibly effective in enhancing your awareness, truth and reality. The truth will set you free!! The journey of healing the mind starts now. It is not a decision made once, but one you practice again and again. Watch, listen, and feel how this simple tool will empower your decisions to create more "medicine" and less "predator" thinking. 

Heal your mind and feel how you heal your body!  

It starts with you and it starts today!