Jessie Ruof

Manifestation: It's not Philosophy...It's Physics

Jessie Ruof
Manifestation: It's not Philosophy...It's Physics

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get it. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics!' - Albert Einstein 

The rhythms of life live in everything and everyone at all times. These rhythms live inside our minds and bodies and many move, shift, expand and contract; but there is nothing that lives without a vibratory field....Think of it as a beat of life! This beat is the foundational baseline of all the harmonies or disharmonies built around us, which make up our dharma; the phenomena of our reality. 

Each one of us has our own beat within us which sets the pull for the rhythms and harmonies of our desires, dreams, emotions, and beliefs to fill our physical worlds around us. We create this vibratory field and emanate it out at all times, mostly without any conscious awareness of it at all. It exists as a magnet attracting and connecting to the other vibrations of like. Like onto self is drawn! 

Ever listened to a song for the first time and felt that the singer's voice was connecting directly into your soul? That's your sound harmony!

Ever been a city or place and experienced such complete connection you felt like you were home even though it was your first time being there? That's your destination harmony!

Ever met someone and immediately you were drawn to everything about them? That's your soul harmony!

When our energetic field finds and connects it's harmony in the world it brings us joy, pleasure, peace, inspiration and excitement. This is the emotional guidance that we are in alignment with our own truth! In order to live life well we must stay on the path that connects us to our own harmony. 

How harmonious are you feeling in the moment to your own joy, peace, pleasure, inspiration or excitement? Do you have the song, the place or the person who supports you to come back to your own rhythm? Are you using your emotional guidance to move towards or away from living life well? 

You always have the tools within you to recalibrate your vibration in order to align with that which you desire to feel! 

FOLLOW THE PATH of vibration through music, places or people to guide you back to your own beat, your own rhythm, your own harmony in order to manifest it back into your reality once again. You are never stuck you just need to collaborate with the right energies to find your way back home!

It's simply physics!