Intention isn't Enough to Succeed

Success is a habit!

It is a skill like any other skill that with study, practice and experience will support you getting, having or feeling anything you ever wanted. More fit! More money! More happiness! More...

Successful people often succeed at many things in their life, not because they were chosen or selected, but because they have an understanding of the way in which success is achieved.

Don't be upset or frustrated if you see success around you, but have yet to feel it in yourself! If you can see it in others that means it too is possible for you and it may now be your time to feel it.

Success is the accomplishment of what you aimed to do from the start. It is the "I've done it" that loudly fills you with pride, relief, peace or simply joy for a job well done! Success lives inside every single person, every single idea and every single goal, but as a possibility not necessarily a certainty!

So how do you make success go from a possibility to a certainty?

You begin by taking your success seriously! You give it a chance to be real because you bring more of yourself to it, so more of it can come back to you! Here are three powerful keys to success and the vital questions that will help you stay within it's reach:

1. Intention - This is your come from. Where does my focus start? Is it serving my best interest? Is this rooted in my own truth? Do I feel it in my bones? Can I articulate it's truth and origin from inside myself? Why am I seeking this "success story?" What does it feel like?

2. Direction - This is the pathway you follow. Am I on the path? Does this decision keep me going in the right direction? Is this creating focus or distraction from where I'd like to be? Do I have a system to follow? Do I have accountability to staying on the line? Have I backtracked from the success to where I am now to make a plan?

3. Action - This is a moment to moment execution. Does this choice serve the success? Does this decision move me towards or away from my goal? Am I committing all myself to this decision for my success? How much of myself shows up to execute my success plan? Is this the best next decision to succeed? 

Intention serves to focus a direction of possibility. That direction serves as a guide for action to move you to do, feel or be somewhere. Action is the continuous choice to commit and do, commit and do, over and over again towards the original intention. This is a cycle of creation, belief and execution.

It is no secret, it is simply a recipe that creates the right flavor. If you are ready to taste success then follow this 3-step plan and indulge in your "I've done it" until your heart is content.