I SEE What I Choose to SEE

Your world? Their world? Our world?

Everything changed when I hit 2nd grade and the teacher told my parents that I could not see. The instruction to get my eyes checked then led to something very simple, but incredibly profound, in its impact literally and figuratively on the rest of my life.

In the chair at the optometrist office, I looked for the first time through an assortment of lenses that were not my own. The doctor asked, "Does A or B look better?" 

Over and over, he passed lens after lens over my eyes until the "right" combination of lenses were put together to create what would be my "new and improved" sight.  Although they were designed specially for me, they were designed so I could see the world the way they saw it! 

I was then given my first set of lenses that were not my own!

This new sight was definitely different than what I was accustomed to. It provided more definition, brighter colors and a significant change in the clarity of the lines, delineations and edges between things. The assumption was that this new vision of mine was nothing but an improvement in helping me see more clearly. 

During the adjustment period the world looked curiously more distracting, ever changing, more separate and so quickly moving. My new vision changed the way I saw everything!

This illuminated a new way to see the world -  a better way; a more accurate way - they said. 

It was true that I could see the chalk board at school more clearly. It was true that I could see further away. It was true that I could see where things began and ended. But what was also true was I could see a much harsher existence than the one I was used to. 

The softness that I once saw the world through was now gone. The softness I once saw myself through was now gone. Nothing blended together any longer. The interconnectedness of colors, objects and faces had completely disappeared.

My sight was now pulled out into the world more intensely than anything I had experienced before. For the first time I remember being more focused on the outside world than my own inside world...

I now reflect on how we are programmed to look out into the world; how focused we become on what everyone else is doing; how judgmental and critical we choose to be of everything and everyone, whether we are aware of it or not. This constant focus on what "they are doing, or they are thinking" is what we begin to look for through our lens. 

When we look out with harsh eyes, why do we then wonder when we see such harsh reflections? When we look for others opinions of us, why are we surprised that they are judging us? When we look for difference, why do wonder why we are suffering? When we see separation, why do we wonder when we feel so alone?

Whether the lens you are looking through was yours from the beginning or something you were programmed to put on, you still get a choice every single day whether to look through it or a different one. 

It is time to take full responsibility for our own lens! As people, as a community, as a friend, and as a human it is time to look through the eyes of ONE. 

Practice picking up a new lens and look through in observation to see the incredible awareness as to what others may see, what was once seen, or what could be possible if you only looked a new way. Perspective is everything! Look to bridge the gaps of separation. Look to mend the fences of damage. Look to see that it is all connected so we all can heal our suffering and heal as one. 

There are billions of way to see the world. 

There are billions of ways to describe the world. 

There are billions of ways to exist in the world. 

How will you?