The most important art ever created was LIFE. 

Artful living is not about right or wrong, modern or traditional, new or old, but about originality and how it makes us feel. 

In our lives we have many choices and paths to walk that all in all lead in the same direction in the end. No one makes it out of this life alive, but how each of us there's something to consider.

Consider the concept of MORE in your life... consider feeling more, seeing more, learning more, valuing more... 

MORE lives inside us all. It speaks to us through our interest, our excitement, and our curiosity. It creates our stories of inspiration by showing us struggle and challenge. It reminds of our strength, courage and resilience by easing our pain and pushing us into action.

If this makes you feel MORE, then you too know it is in you!


How do you know it is MORE?

It’s MORE when it feels better than it looks. When it inspires the lives of other people. When you know in your soul you’re on the right journey.

You know it is MORE….

When the look is calmly confident.

The eyes are clearly focused.

The walk has personality.

The lifestyle is free.

When life feels delightfully alive.


You know it is MORE…

Because there is success beyond the failures

There is courage where once sat fear

The voice within speaks louder than the opinions of others

The mind is liberated from the confines of mediocrity or lack

When action triumphs over inaction over and over again

And all and all it is nothing more than a personal growth story


Every single one of us brushes an invaluable stroke on this canvas of life. The question is, what kind of brush stroke do you want to paint?

MORE makes the art of living...AN ORIGINAL MASTERPIECE.