Part 2 of 3: I Like to Move It, Move It

Taste good. Look good. Feel good! 

We are creatures of pleasure! 

Whether it is good or bad for us, we are attracted to food that tastes good, buying things we can't afford or spending our time with people who make us laugh.... ALL because we seek to FEEL a certain way. 

As people, we tend to spend more time and money on the things that we want rather then what we need - even if it puts us in an uncomfortable position.

Movement is no different!

If movement is not part of your daily routine it is likely that you don't love doing it....YET.

If you're ready to begin the love affair with movement, so that you'll never need to make a body resolution ever again, then capitalize on what you WANT TO FEEL most and begin your search! 

First, choose a movement that moves you. 

Find something to do that you can fall in love with. If you are newly entering a practice of movement than start by interviewing different styles of movement, i.e TRY many types until you find the right one. It is just like falling in love with someone, they are not all right for you. Try working out alone and in groups, in a class or watching a video, biking, running, pilates, yoga, sports or play....they are all amazing IF they move love into your heart!

Second, build a relationship with it like you would with any other relationship you want to last. 

Relationships are living, breathing experiences. We communicate, we learn from one another, we experience highs and lows. Movement isn't something we "do" - it can be something we LOVE if we are kind, honest, committed and open to learning together as every day is a new opportunity to communicate with your body.

However, we tend to think we have to kill ourselves or hate it in order to lose weight or get fit. NOT true! Movement doesn't have to be super hard to be effective. Don't add stress, negative talk or mental resistance if you want this "dating" process to turn into a real relationship. Take it one day at a time!

Third, enhance the fun factor by adding music, friends or nature. 

When movement is used as your laboratory of love, it will transcend the experience into an instrument you play rather then something you tolerate. Use what you can to make it more enjoyable or more social.

Once you find "the one" you love you won't have to endure it, you'll enjoy it! You won't just focus on finishing it, you'll be bummed when its done. You won't avoid the voice in your head, you'll actually communicate and laugh with it. 

When you move to love and love to move it becomes contagious. SPREAD IT with anyone you can!