Ujana SystemJessie Ruof

Part 1 of 3: Fitness Friend or Foe?

Ujana SystemJessie Ruof
Part 1 of 3: Fitness Friend or Foe?

Feeling inspired to make a change in your body? Are you squeezing into packed classes and full gyms, yet already wondering how long you are going to last...this time?


Body-image issues are pretty much the norm no matter what you look like. Never thin enough? Never ripped enough? Never lean enough? Never pretty enough? Never attractive enough?


Exercise has become a popular WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION that serves the story of Never Enough. As a weapon it is used to beat the body into submission, to EARN a delicious meal, to be WORTHY of affection, to BURN off the parts that are loathed. Yet very few take the time to see that the source of their motivation is perpetuating more self-loathing, more self-limiting belief and more Never Enough story.

When exercise is the WEAPON, someone is going to get hurt......and that someone is likely YOU.

How do you know if movement is your friend or foe? Check out characteristics for both:

Foe = Weapon.  It will look like: an obsession, a sole pursuit of an outside appearance, an escape tool, permissive torture, or anything other than a life-giving/body loving practice. It will feel: painful, hard, energy-sucking, emotionally draining, criticized, judged, peer-pressured

Friend = Change Agent. It will look like; freeing, empowering, focused, authentic, personal, intuitive. It will feel: connected, true, strong, loving, empowering, sweet, liberating, FUN. 

In order to transition exercise into an empowering friend/change agent, rather than the same weapon of the past, you must cultivate a new relationship with it. Wouldn't you rather befriend movement in a way that is life-giving, loving, empowering and freeing of anything that ails your body, mind or spirit anyway? 

Step 1. Your body is to be treasured, NOT TORTURED.

The amount of work the body does for you every single minute is astounding. There is no room for it to be put down for anything, as the body is your vessel to experience and learn in this life. How would you treat your child, your best friend, your elderly self? Treat your body like a beautiful gem and it will shine for you beyond your wildest dreams. 

Step 2. Stop using exercise like a weapon to kill the fat, to work off the meal you just enjoyed, to transport yourself into WORTH. STOP.  STOP.  STOP. 

Your body homes your most sacred self, your heart and your soul. It homes you in a way that lets you walk the earth, breathe the air and feel connection with other people. Never take this for granted for you never know when it will be over. This amazing gift deserves your utmost respect, adoration and love no matter what. 

Step 3. Use movement as your laboratory of love! If it is NOT life giving and body loving than do something different. Say loving things to your body. Choose activities (try new things) you love. Learn to love being in a practice of self-love while you move and groove!

Movement is part of life. It is as essential as water if you want to be healthy, feel alive, empower your intelligence and creativity and live well. Movement is a doorway to your more joyful, soulful, passionate, best self, because everything that you experience while you exercise lives in the rest of your life as well. Do you really want that gift to be wasted on being your foe any longer?

Stay tuned for Part 2: Coming next week.