Part 3 of 3: Body of Life

You are a being of infinite possibilities, endless creativity and a pure expression of love!

You are NOT your body.

Your "perfection" has nothing to do with what you look like!

This 3-part series concludes to help you relieve yourself of putting movement's power solely into creating "the perfect look," - but offers you a framework of mind to empower ALL that YOU ARE and ALL that YOU ARE CONNECTED TO.


Put your body into a space where it is breathing hard, beating fast and sweating profusely. NOW listen, feel, respect and honor it.

This opens you to your mind, your emotions and your state of being all at the same time.... if you are aware!

Once you understand that movement is a gift to empower all parts of the human - body, mind and spirit - you will never move the same again, nor will you ever want to quit again.

By changing the idea framework of movement from being a "physical workout" to it being an "everything work-in" you create a connection to the moment (where your power is) and learn to live MORE authentically, happily and freely.

Once the door is open, now communicate with your body in the language it understands...LOVE.

How do I feel? 

What is not serving my best interest?...Am I ready to let it go?

Where is my real strength? 

What do I need now?

Bring this into your current exercise and see how it changes the way it feels. 

If you're interested in adding just a touch more magic, start and end your day with this statement to communicate with your body from this new frame of mind.

"My job is to love you, care for you, nurture and support you. In loving you I am free. In caring for you I am alive. In becoming one with you I live freely."

See movement as a way to feel fully alive, to move with certainty, to embody strength, to think clearly, to be smarter, to feel happier, to speak kinder and to LOVE DEEPER. 

Believe me, it is more than possible - it is probable - if you are open to the journey of learning how movement introduces you to your deeper self and you're willing to get to know her / him over and over again.