Mantra Made

Mantra Made

Your health and wellness is being directly affected all day long in ways that you are not even conscious of.

You can never lie, fool or deceive your body.

The thoughts you think about when you're all alone, the body can hear and is always listening to. The self-doubt, insecurity, or fear you feel is too felt by the body. There is a direct connection between your thinking mind and your health.

Health is not simply based on the food you eat or the exercise you do or don't participate in! The vast list of variables that affect your health are way too long to list, but there is a simple approach to taking your health up a notch and supporting its path to wellness. Start being aware of what is going on between your ears!

If your body was your best friend, would you let it hear the thoughts, feel the insecurity or experience your unfiltered words?

Probably not! Without realizing it you mold your health with every thought and word production!

Does your mind need a reset tool? 

In moments you recognize you are off the path of positive thinking try to add a mantra and change directions. A mantra is a sound, word or statement one can use to repeat over and over. It can be used in a meditation or simply to reset the stage of your mind to track towards that which you actually desire, love, and optimally choose. 

To begin try an "I am," statement.

Its short and sweet but packs a powerfully transformational punch. Use an mantra that is present tense as the only power we truly carry is in the current moment. The more you bring powerful thinking, speaking, and acting into today the more our future will reflect our desired outcomes like wellness, happiness, or love. 

You are the co-creator of your reality. You have more power than you realize but living fully and free comes from taking charge of the self from the inside first. NO ONE else can do this for you. You and your body together on the path of optimal wellbeing will create of path for others to do the same. Today is the day YOU ARE.