Room Talks

Unlock the power within your everyday space to stay calm, collected and empowered!

We all have enough stress in our lives. Insert swear word here!

Being stressed out has become a regular part of most people's lives and unfortunately is causing more health problems than any other single variable. Over 30% of our lives are spent at work and whether you like your job or not there is constant stress of time constraints, deadlines, interactions with colleagues and responsibilities that add up throughout the day.

Stress has an impact on your mind and body whether you are aware of it or not.  The journey of empowering your body to de-stress and feel great begins with awareness of how your environment (people, home, office, car) impacts you. The next step is understanding how to take responsibility for creating space around you that reflects how we want to feel within it. 

Here is a simple six step process to create a space for you to feel like your best self:

1. Make a list of the spaces and places you frequent every day. List two columns and identify them as either harmonious or chaotic (off from harmonious). Put them in order from most (harmonious/chaotic) to least. Examples; car, office, bedroom, kitchen, etc) 

2. Take the list of "chaotic" spaces and write down why the space or time spent in the space makes you stressed, uncomfortable, distracted - CHAOTIC

3. Take the list of "chaotic" spaces and visualize how you would optimally feel in the space if it was up to you to change it. Are you focused, clear, productive, relaxed, connected, effective, or what? 

4. Start with the #1 most chaotic space and begin a mini-makeover plan. Allow some time to mindfully layout changes that support the optimal feeling you described about that space. The space is talking to you so be the creator of the message!  What can you get rid of? What can you add? What color should it be? How much or little furniture should be in the space? How should it smell? What visual stimulus supports the affiliate mood you desire in that space? No house is built without a blueprint so this will become your blueprint to feel!

5. Add one piece of decor that reminds you of the optimal state you would like to be in the space. An example is art with a great message or quote, a stone from your favorite trail, or any other token that will transport you mentally upon seeing it.

6. Execute the plan with joy and excitement! Channel your inner artist, interior designer and spiritual mentor!