Verbal Dessert

I think you, "fill in your name" are fabulous, worthy of your dreams and capable of anything! Believe it!

The land of "sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me" is a bunch a bull. Words spoken to us not only can hurt but can radically shift the course of our future. Remember being told you couldn't, were not good enough, or you did not look good? The energy exchange of those words wounds us and sometimes we have no idea how deep until years later.

I bet you could still get upset just thinking about it. Words hold energy, just like everything on the planet, that impact our state of being. Its simple to be nice and kind, just like its simple to be a jerk. 

Imagine an entire day where all you said was sweet, kind and respectful. Simple, right? Why not give it a whirl. Remove all the following:mean, rude, curt, manipulative, insignificant, wordy, annoying, victimized, offensive, elitist, or judgmental. How do you think you would make people feel? Imagine a day where all you heard were words of the same spirit. How would you feel? 

TODAY: Every time you see a TREAT, say something SWEET. 

Watch how the people around take in your VERBAL DESSERT and can indulge in the purity of your sweetness! Its simple but its worth it! Watch the movement begin.