The Magic Middle

Ever considered how exciting it is to start something new? New diet. New workout plan. New job. 

Ever felt the pride after achieving a goal? Lost weight. Graduation. Your taxes. 

If you are like most people, you are inspired to start something and relieved to end it, but somewhere in the middle you meet a challenge whose obstacle is simply too much and you quit.  Unfortunately the magic of any cycle lives in the middle, we call it the magic middle. This is the place where wisdom seeds are planted, where life becomes more fulfilling and your story grows legs.

The key to getting through the middle is being aware that you inevitably meet yourself, your true nature or resistance on the path from beginning to end. Who you meet in yourself will determine your opportunity to learn and grow. How you meet yourself and with what perspective will determine the amount of struggle, challenge and time duration required for you to be in the middle. 

The first step in getting through the middle, so that you can receive the magic, is taking responsibility and ownership for all experiences you will go through. Humble yourself, walk in humility and be open minded to any and all lessons needed to learn in order to get from A to B.

If you have ever quit or given up you know it is usually because you didn't like the way you felt about yourself or you lacked the perspective to see through to the other side of the challenge. Take control of how powerful your mind is in supporting your reality and practice the understanding that it is all to lead in you the path of your next greatest self. 

Meet yourself everyday with present eyes. Do the best you can in the moment without criticizing the outcome. You will either get through or you will learn.

Allow yourself the space, the support and environment to grow. Live each day with intention. Be aware of your automatic mindless function and substitute it for purposeful positive action that keeps you moving forward on your path. Do not compare yourself to anyone else, as you were made unlike anyone else and comparing to others is not relevant to your path.

Understanding how you meet a challenge within a cycle is the key that will help you achieve what you choose to tackle. The dreams that are in your heart are there for a reason! Realizing your dreams will be full of cycles, loops, goals, obstacles, challenges, people, lessons, emotion, the unknown and many many beginnings and endings! 

Write the story you would be proud to tell!