Ujana wellbeing is more than physical energy or strength, it is a sense of mental and spiritual wholeness! It is a space of possibility, hope and peace of mind that you magnetize.

The way you begin each day sets you up, like a map, to perceive and receive from a specific place all day long. If you are rushed and your mind is chaotic, then your internal magnet will likely attract more chaos.

A brilliant way to begin with two hands of the steering wheel is to start with GRATITUDE. "I am grateful for..."

What are the three things that you are thankful for in regards to your health, family, career, finances, life or anything else you are drawn to acknowledge?

Write them done, say them outloud or best yet do both.

This will upgrade your magnet from a compass, to a satellite GPS that only NASA can use! 

Let the force of gratitude be with you!