Brain to Butt Connection

Brain to Butt Connection

WOW! Is your butt tired from sitting?

Yes you!.. the one who has been typing at our desk all day!

Ever realized that keeping your butt moving keeps your brain moving as well?

It is time to GET OFF YOUR RUMP, put your "not painted on" feet on the floor and raise your dead ass off that seat. Get Up: Stand Up!

Too harsh? Let us try again.             

Your eyes are feeling tired and your brain is likely at a less than optimal output. In order to fuel your creativity, your productivity, and your clarity it is best to take a break and recharge.

You may not understand the power of rest and recovery because you are likely an American; but channel your inner Brit and take a little holiday around the office. High five your friend or someone you fancy and grab a glass of water.

Take mini-breaks all day, everyday and you'll definitely be promoted in a jiffy!