Before "Lemonade" lemons were still the Shiz

Before "Lemonade" lemons were still the Shiz

Yes Beyonce makes Lemonade from lemons and yes that it awesome because she is an amazing Queen of pop culture but let's not ignore the miracle LEMON who inspired such a concept.

If you are wondering what's is so exciting about a lemons just know that lemons are natural energizers! Just add to water and POW!

Benefits of adding this little tart yellow ball of goodness are awesome. Check it out:

1. Boosts Immunity

2. Balances PH

3. Decreases wrinkle and blemishes

4. Cures throat infections

5. Blood purifier

6. Excellent aid in weight loss

There is an amazing rainbow of foods to eat every day. Make a lemon your YELLOW daily!