Jessie Ruof

Wake UP: You have More Power than you Realize

Jessie Ruof
Wake UP: You have More Power than you Realize

Our inner world projects out onto our outside world. The dharma, the phenomena of reality, all around each one of us is anchored in the chaos or the harmony that lies deep beneath the surface.

How many times a day does someone ask us, "How are you?" and we kindly and maybe dishonestly respond, "Good, and you?" Its as automatic to say good as it is as automatic from our inner world of thoughts, word and feeling to create our surroundings, experiences and interactions. 

Unlike the conscious mind or social intelligence to fake being "ok," the energy within each of us has no way to lie, to hide or to fake it. Whether we are aware of this disharmony with our conscious mind or not, it's this deeper, completely present unconscious energy that is driving our surroundings all day, every day.

It is relatively easy to fool our friends or co-workers into believing that everything is cool with us. The one person we can never fool is ourselves.

Not happy, it's on us to make a change. Not feeling free, it's on us to make a change. Not making enough money, it's on us to make a change. Not feeling love, it's on us to make a change.

So if our conscious mind knows that we have to make a change on the inside to project a change on the outside world, then what holds us back from just doing it?

Self awareness, self-reflection, and self-study are the keys to growth.

By being aware of our thoughts and the way we speak to ourselves and others, we have an opportunity to shift our words from defeating to empowering tools of creation. By observing our actions, reactions and choices, we can reflect on the actual cause of "why" we do what we do, so we can gain a deep understanding of why we live the way we live.

When we live out of integrity, truth, kindness, or respect to ourselves and others, the outer world does not feel so cozy anymore. In turn, we always have the ability to start make new changes to live a better life, by being better on the inside first. 

Be kind to yourself and others. Be honest to yourself and others. Be your best self first and watch the power inside of you shine out.