The True Navigator

We have all heard that problems are never solved with the mind that created them, but have you ever considered that the mindset that got you into something is not the same mindset that is going to get you out?

If opening another year has you in any, or many, situations where the mirror is reflecting a place you no longer want to stand, then it is simple: EXPECT to get what your MINDSET personifies. 

See, the way you do or do not believe in the worth of living your dreams, passions, and happiness is going to have a direct impact on your situation. Your belief structure is molded by your past experiences, unresolved emotions, people in your life, your patterns and habits, what you watch with your eyes and hear with your ears; yet THE ONLY WAY to start shifting or evolving this place of mind is today, IN THE PRESENT.

YOU are the creative director of your life! 

Evaluation of your mind is the key to stepping towards the voice in your heart, listening to what it is saying and having the courage to embody it with your next decision. If you are ready to begin evaluating and creating your life in a new way, so that you can live in and with bountiful, beautiful and abundant places and people, then start now

Here are three intention setting questions (self-evalution) to help you create an awareness that shifts you from being more than just a crew member of your life, but the true navigator: 

1. Do I have the self-motivation and ability to put myself into situations that:

    a. Help me learn and grow

    b. Expand my beliefs and challenge my comfort zone

    c. Inspire my body, mind and spirit

2. Do I have a daily practice that:

    a. Helps me learn and grow

    b. Expands my beliefs and challenges my comfort zone

    c. Inspires my body, mind and spirit

3. Do I have a peer group or person who:

    a. Helps me learn and grow

    b. Expands my beliefs and challenges my comfort zone

    c. Inspires my body, mind and spirit

When you ask powerful questions, EXPECT to receive powerful answers. The process of evaluating from the inside of your heart out will unveil, reveal and uncover the next goal, lesson or being-ness you are ready to step into.

Expect the opportunity to shift, grow and set yourself free from the yesterdays, so that you can dive into today with wide open space for all that you truly desire! Expect and command a peaceful transition and it shall be yours.