YOU are the constant

Is there a pattern of unwanted situations that re-occur?

Ever wondered the trick to figuring out why?

Dishonesty with the self!  

Within the equation of life there are a variety of variables that interact with a constant; you are the constant. These variables come as people, situations, conflicts, triumphs, goals, challenges and choices. Regardless of the variables you get to choose how constant you stand in the light or the dark, but it is always up to you. 

In order to set yourselves free from an unpleasant situation you need to ask yourself, do I have a practice that allows me get untangled or do I get stuck in the HOW and quit before I begin? OR do I just blame it on someone else, claim the victim title and recoil into my denial?

You are the constant in your life. 

When you have bad relationship after bad relationship, you are the constant. When your work situations cause stress and struggle, you are the constant. When drama and negativity are normal to you, you are the constant. When you repeat the same story just a different day or different supporting actor/actress, you are the constant. 

How many times a week do you actually peel back the surface layer, the faux smile, and witness how you are actually feeling? If you don't honor you, then who else will? A practice of reflection allows you the space to see yourself as you actually are, not as you think you should be or how you intend to be, but actually how you are.

Action and accountability prove way more about your truth then your intentions.

When you can honor how you feel, understand what you need, and surrender to it, it becomes easier to honor and understand what others feel and need as well. Without this awareness and taking full responsibility for your own wellbeing you are bound to be abruptly, unexpectedly and often frustratingly triggered by your outer world in order to create the experience for you to (as previously written about) WAKE the F UP to your reality... or repeat is bound to play it back again. 

Your life is waiting for you to grow and in growth: TAKE ACTION. Grow and live full. Grow and be who you really are. Grow and chase your dreams. Grow and take responsibility for yourself and your impact on others. Grow and do better. Grow and be humble. Grow and be kind. Grow and be intentional about the effect you have on this world. Take the time to grow!

There is only one thing in this life you can control in every story you write: YOU.

You are the constant in your growth story, will your character prove to be the hero or the villain?