Jessie Ruof

The Edge of the Coin

Jessie Ruof
The Edge of the Coin

Flip a coin in the air.  Heads or tails?

Success or failure. Right or wrong. Left or right. Good or bad. Light or dark.  We are stuck in a cycle that has to label everything we do, everyone we meet and we rarely stop to see that deep within the middle of them both is CHOICE.

Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the edge that holds both sides together? Why is it that most opinions come from a perspective attached to duality?

If we could focus on the edge of the coin and see that everything is purposefully connected and without it all to make up life we would be greatly diluting our ability to feel, understand or to experience the depth that this world has to offer. 

For example, you don't understand good without understanding bad. You likely don't value kind unless you've experienced hate. You can't even see the light unless there is dark to shine it on. 

Your opinions of your past are quite the same. If you were good or bad, did you win or lose, were you right or doesn't matter because it is unchangeable. By giving yourself a label you identify with an idea of how your life is measured based on average definition of what your labels represent. Just like a history class you can learn from the tales of what happened in order to change your future or like they say, you are doomed to repeat it. 

You are the only thing that can set you free!

By taking responsibility and being the edge of the coin no matter what the outcome was, you heal the cycle and set it free from coming back to you in the future. If not, you continue to run the same flipping game until you decide to wake up to the growth lesson. Life has a funny way of flipping your coin when you're least expecting it.

Remember, life is not happening at you. LIFE IS HAPPENING FOR YOU.

Look around and see the teachers in the moments that are there for you! Don't look for one side or the other, but the edge that holds them together to bridge the wholeness of the entire lesson. 

What can I learn from this experience?

Where is the growth in this opportunity for me?

Being powerless or completely empowered in life are two sides of the same coin. Your coin! 

Both are a choice you get to make. Whether you live on the powerless side or the empowered side it is COMPLETELY UP TO YOU. Variables will change, situations will change, people will change but YOU are always the edge of the coin. 

You can all do better. You can have more. You can live our dreams. You CAN if you would only choose and choose and choose and choose. The decision to live intentionally, to live your deepest truth and to thrive in our lives is one that needs to be made every day and sometimes many times within a day.


If today was all you had, what would you CHOOSE?