Grief: The Gateway to Growth and Gratitude

Grief; a breath-taking, heart-shaking, body-stiffening sensation for us all.

We often feel grief upon the loss of something we have loved greatly. Separation and change can very quickly create a heavy heart and emotion turmoil. With great loss can also come a wave of remembering and reflecting that is often turned into anguish, more pain and victimhood. 

If we understand that grief arises when something we loved has been removed from our life then can we also understand that the love can never be destroyed or taken away, but transitioned into something new? Do we ever really have less love in our lives or does it simply transform into something else?  

In the time of great grieving it feels like our hearts literally break, but what if we feel the break and know that it is just breaking us WIDE OPEN?

As we grow to understand that all experiences are opportunities for growth than we too can step back and look at how love has simply shifted or how the space for even more love has been provided in our lives to come.  

Instead of shutting our hearts down or blocking the sensation of discomfort, can we walk into the opening and expand the love right there? One of the best ways to expand the love is to fill it with GRATITUDE. Gratitude raises our vibration and brings us to the present. It is an essential tool in providing optimal wellbeing in life because it fills our past with love, peace and acceptance. As we walk through life with a grateful heart we create space to be gifted more love, peace and acceptance. 

In a season asking us to look at gratitude in the eye and feel it in our hearts, will you look and turn away or will you look long enough to let it in? 

Life and all its parts is nothing short of the greatest gift of all. I hope to live in a world where we all work together to be open and willing to see how every experience, no matter how good, bad, easy or hard, is truly a gateway to growth and gratitude.